At McCready Construction Inc., we’re experts at site development, and since 1975, we’ve worked on thousands of site work projects throughout South Central South Dakota.  We have the right equipment for the job, and have qualified crews to run it properly, efficiently, and safely.  We are licensed, insured, and capable of being bonded.

Our excavation services include:

  • Emergency repair excavations
  • New Construction Site Preparation Excavations
  • Basement Excavations
  • Foundation Excavations
  • Slab Excavations
  • Additions Excavations
  • Foundation Repair or Replacement Excavations
  • Site Utilities Excavations
  • Water Line and Sewer Excavations

Along with our excavation services, we can also haul fill dirt to or from a construction site.

For more information on our excavation services or to please call (605) 842-0579.

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